About us

Manor Multi Academy Trust is a newly established Academy Trust and originated from the highly successful school improvement and partnership work led by Manor Primary School in Wolverhampton. We currently have two other schools in our Trust: Hill Avenue Academy and East Park Academy.

It is our intention that every child who attends a school within our MAT attends a “Great School.”  That all pupils are nurtured, inspired and receive the very best education possible.

Our goal is to ensure that every member of staff receives the highest quality professional development and tailored support so they can be the best they can be.

Inspirational people create positive energy and generate enthusiasm within our schools. They help to develop individuality and creative thinking. In turn, our children will be inspired to believe that no mountain is too high to conquer and that nothing is impossible to achieve. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is highly motivated and engaged as a result of their experience with us, be it a pupil, staff member, parent or a community volunteer, and to enrich their lives through their association with Manor Multi Academy Trust.

Our academies are each at the centre of their own local communities. It is very important that each school has the opportunity and the freedom to respond to the needs of parents and children and create their own local solutions. As a family of academies we celebrate diversity and individuality.  We understand that no school or community is the same; however, we have the same high expectations of everyone in the trust and believe that, with the support of the Manor family, every academy will provide a great learning experience for the children and they will make great progress.

Manor Primary is an established designated National Teaching School and is well placed to provide an environment where leaders nurture, support, coach and empower all staff to be outstanding. We have developed highly skilled and reflective teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff who are dedicated and committed to ensuring pupils receive the highest quality and standards of educational experience.

We are very proud of what has been achieved at Manor Primary, the sponsor school central to our MAT. As soon as you walk through the door you know you are in no ordinary school. Instantly the warmth, vibrancy and energy of the school is different. Then, as you walk round the classrooms, witnessing the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and the engaged, articulate children enjoying every minute of the lesson, you can see first-hand why extraordinary things happen here.

We never adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach to teaching. Every child is valued as an individual and nurtured to achieve their true potential through inspirational teaching and outstanding pastoral care in a safe calm environment. Crucially, success is measured in terms of personal improvement, development and achieving their own tailored goals, not solely against the results of their peers. We are continually moving forward by researching, developing and adopting the latest teaching techniques to further improve

Within the Trust there is significant expertise and a strong track record in supporting and working with schools in a variety of contexts.  This support has included a range of strategies and models for school improvement.

We are passionate about system-led change – our Trust is built upon the principle of schools supporting schools. We are very open in our approach and readily share our resources and thinking, both within the family and with our neighboring schools.

Our Trust is committed to leading by example and lives by its unswerving commitment to integrity, transparency and excellence.

Manor MAT

Ettingshall Road, Coseley,
West Midlands WV14 9UQ
Telephone: 01902 556460