Travel and Personal Expenses Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022

MAT Modern Day Slavery Statement

Procurement and Tendering Policy

MMAT Capability Policy

Recruitment Policy

Procurement Card Policy

Equality Policy MAT

MAT Management of Attendance Policy Wolverhampton Schools

MAT Anti Fraud Policy 2022

MANOR MAT Attendance Policy

MANOR MAT Admissions Policy 2022-23

MANOR MAT Data Protection Policy

MANOR MAT Complaints Policy 22-23

MANOR MAT Equality Information and Objectives Policy

MANOR MAT Early Career Teacher Policy 2021-2022

MANOR MAT Equality Information and Objectives Statement

MANOR MAT e-Safety Policy 2018-23

MANOR MAT Mobile Device Policy 2018-23

MANOR MAT Health & Safety Policy MAT

MANOR MAT Privacy Notice - Pupils

MANOR MAT Reserves and Investment Policy

MANOR MAT Social Media Policy 2018-23

MANOR MAT Suspension and Exclusion Policy 22-23

MANOR MAT Trustee Expenses Policy

MANOR MAT Virtual Meeting Policy April 2020

MANOR MAT Whistleblowing Policy

MANOR MAT Admissions Policy 2023-24

MANOR MAT staff code of conduct

MANOR MAT Supporting children with medical conditions policy

MANOR MAT Accessibility Plan Guidance

MANOR MAT Volunteer Policy

MANOR MAT Behaviour Principles Statement

MANOR MAT Best Value Statement

MANOR MAT Children with Health Needs who cannot attend school policy

MANOR MAT Conflicts of Interest Policy

MANOR MAT Director & Governor Visits Policy

MANOR MAT Critical Incident & Emergency Plan


MANOR MAT Management of Risk Policy

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